Paul Kagame Advises On achieving Somaliland Independence


Rwandan President Paul Kagame spoke for the first time on the issue of Somaliland’s recognition, after a Somaliland woman requested Rwanda to recognize Somaliland.

Paul Kagame called the Somaliland Independency issue a difficult question, saying that when recognition is required it’s usually through an international program guided by law and politics.

“I can do nothing personally, now that I’m talking about it, the need is to meet those requirements.” said Kagame who was speaking at an African youth conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

Mr. Kagame continued to discuss the over all issue of Somalia’s cohesion problems.

“I heard that Somaliland has declared independence from the federal government of Somalia and that other regional states were created, the federal government does not approve of your decision but it depends on how well you comply with international laws and regulations”. added Paul Kagame.